The Bicycle Shop Monmouth

Located at 155 Main Street West in Monmouth, Oregon

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Our Shop

The dream of opening a bike shop has been swimming around in the back of our minds for a number of years now, and we are excited to have found a home for our plans in Monmouth! It all seemed to come together at the right time for us - Brendon’s relocation back to Oregon from Alaska, Graham’s years of experience fixing bikes in Salem, the open store front on Main Street - and now we are proud to step up to the challenge of being the only bike shop in Polk County. Stop by and talk to us about all your cycling needs.


About us - Brendon and Graham

We have been friends and riding buddies for almost a decade after being competitors in the local road racing circuit in 2010. We established a mutual passion for all things two-wheeled and started riding together more and more. Our friendship survived Brendon’s move back to Alaska through constant communication and frequent cycling weekend trips. As many weekends as we did, though, we couldn’t find a better place to ride bikes than the Willamette Valley. Then, opportunity knocked for us here, and it is a door we are thrilled to be able to open and invite you all through with us.


Why Bicycles?

Our passion is for the life style and community of bicycles. Riding a bike - at whatever level, in whatever capacity - gives life to so many of the things we all crave: Mobility, Fitness, Adventure, and Community


The sense of freedom that comes with hopping on your bike and getting yourself where you need to go is unbeatable. Rain or shine, getting the blood pumping and the wind in your hair lends you that invincible, world-conquering feeling that you just don’t find anywhere else.


Hitting the gym has its advantages, but it's hard to want to be inside all the time, especially when the Oregon sun is shining on the valley. Cycling is the perfect mix of endurance and speed, accessibility and independence, and it's as easy as...well, you know. 


Riding a bike allows you to go farther, faster, and more interactively than any other mode of transportation. There's a bike for every application and every terrain - and, as we said before, there's no place we'd rather ride than the Willamette Valley, precisely because we have just about every route we could ever want only a few pedal strokes away. Even when it's raining, you can't beat the views of wine country, old growth forest, and rolling hills. 


Nothing brings people together quite like a shared bike ride. Whether you’re cruising downtown or hitting the back roads and trails, riding together builds community that extends far beyond the exercise. It’s what we love, and what draws us again and again to kit up and get out there. We strive to foster that community here in the store. Come on by to warm up and pump up your tires next time you’re heading out, and maybe we can swap routes.